Old Stone Ways (G+)

(Session 2) Finding the keep

Our adventurers had travelled from the Elf village to go and rescue the children of the elf from the Harpies. On their way to go and rescue them they found a load of hobgoblins surrounding a female one on the ground. After a quick battle they defeated the hobgoblins and the female hobgoblin fled.

Whilst they rested after that battle the elf village sent us Matar, an Elf Girl to help us. The party welcomed her in and set off on their way.

The party travelled and eventually came across a gnarled tree that had a nest of harpies with the stolen children in them. The party defeated the Goblins and got Dwindalina to climb up the tree with a rope and then fastened the rope so that they were then able to rescue to the children.

After rescuing them they then then had to spend a few days travelling back to the elf village. When they entered the village all the people welcomed them back as heroes and the children ran to greet their families. Seren the elf village leader thanked them and told them route the Dwalen the Dwarf prince had taken.

The adventurers followed the path described by Seren and headed to a path through the mountains. Eventually the path gave way to a pass and our adventurers found a group of gnolls around a Basilisk that was tethered to the ground with a bag on its head. The gnolls were distracted and prodding the beast. The adventurers attacked the gnolls and after a fierce battle the last few gnolls fled. Brak and G’eof went and restrained the Basilisk and Beris came and slit the throat of the creature. The party was able to make use of the creatures body and make a large amount of rations.

The party followed the pass and then came across a keep. The keep had 2 ruined front towers, but the back 2 were still intact. The front door to the keep was wide open so Dwindlina snook up to investigate. Dwindilina tried to enter the front door but was unable to as the open door was an illusion. Instead a pit opened beneath her and she fell down into a pit but was not too badly injured. The party threw a rope down for her and helped her back up.

They then decided they would try going through the ruins of the left tower. Walking through the rubble they then came across another door which was closed. As they approached the necklaces that they were given started to glow. They Opened the door to find a room full of goblins. They shortly defeated the goblins and then surveyed the room. The room had many doors 2 on the left and 1 front left of them. There was also 2 passages to the right of them that were split apart by some big double doors.

Dwindalina started by investigating the first door on the left and opened it to find nothing but a latrine. See carefully investigated the room for gold and decided to check the latrine to see if there was gold in there. She put her arm in elbow deep in Goblin dung, but she did not feel anything. She exited the room and then decided to check the next room after it. This room was also a latrine. She investigated it and once again her first for gold kicked in and she decided to see if the toilet had any gold in it. She once again put her other arm in Elbow deep and felt around, but alas there was nothing.

The party then decided to check the room that was in front to the left of them. They entered and in there was some very undernourished frail looking Lizardmen in a cell with straw. One of the lizardmen spoke out in what sounded like it could be tradespeak but they did not understand. Brak decided to take pity on them and offered some rations to them. They greedily ate them up and replenished their health and said they had been captured and described the layout of the place. The party then let the lizardmen go and they thanked them and took the dead with them to give them and honourable burial.

After this the group decided to check the room with the large double doors. Inside was a large room with shelves of old dusty books. In the middle of the room there as a mysterious looking magical platform. Further up in the room was a frightened Goblin who then bolted to exit the room. Beris and Brak ran to catch up to the goblin, Brak wasn’t fast enough due to the years of hard drinking, but Beris caught with the goblin just before the door and struck down the Goblin before he could exit.

They then checked the room and the platform out. As they approached the platform it then lit up with magic and they then saw a giant smashing down towers. The giant had many arrows buried in the body. This animation kept playing on repeat.

Party Earned:
5DP Each

Total Things Collected so Far:

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